Senin, 27 Februari 2012

Masking Time

why i always confuse when i want to write the first sentence? * i think first sentence is important..
huh..* ok, skip it..

what i've to do this day?
1. Mid term test for Micro Economics and Introductory Statistic * i try to translate into english and i got Introductory Statistic for "Pengantar Statistik", i don't know it's correct or not*
For Micro Economics test.. humph, i think i've made many mistakes, so i doubt about the mark maybe 50:50 * so bad*, and for Introductory Statistic i think i can answer about 3/4, because for the last number my class didn't get the explanation about it. But, forget about the test today.

2. after that, i've polish my nail into BLACK colour. HAHAHAHA... first time i want to make it looks fashionable, but sometimes it looks like gothic *OMG* , so i put some swarovski to
make it more fashionable, but i think it didn't work. So, i think i need matte nail polish to make it looks more fashionable. * i must buy it asap*

3. i've watching many youtube video today. And you know, after i watch many videos in english, it makes me feel i improved my english skill, because , i'm not really good in english, my grammar so suck la, hum..so???? what language i should used? LOL *alien language or i'll make my own language in a future*

4.i've stolen my sister benefit red tint.. HAHAHAHAHA

5. it's time to masking my face *actually after this* with Vitamin A mask *carrot and avocado extracts*

List to buy :
✔ Matte nail polish
✔ My dream shoes *the red one, i'll show you the picture after i buy that shoes*

✔ Dress *red colour too*
✔ Masks for my face
✔ BB cream
✔ Blush on *jill stuart* *option*





Good Night..

Sabtu, 25 Februari 2012

Hello My World

Back to my peace world, my blog..

want to share about my "sense of losing". Losing for my friends "apple & om dedy". Because... they'll move to kupang for an unknown time *maybe 6 month - 2 years* i don't know when i can see them again, that's my 1st reason of "sense of losing".

Now, i miss many things in my life.. So sad.. I wish i'll have happy moment again with them someday.. :( because i love them so much..

Let it flow, and i trust i'll get happy moments again someday.. Good night.. :)



Minggu, 13 November 2011

My day

Yappy~ Hello again..i will share about my day today..as usual... nothing special..
it's sunday.. and i go to church with om dedy, ci apple, and fanny..
I still need Holiday to refresh my brain.. ooo.. I hope i have refresh button on my brain.. so i never feel this feeling .. *kinda bored..*
wanna go shopping please.. pleaseee give me holidaayy.. :( *oh..i'm fed up with my university and this tiny town..* get me out from this place.. pleaseeeee... I need to take a break. but haven't had time :(

what my sister and I do before we sleep.. LOL




Rabu, 12 Oktober 2011

oh "My Blog"

welcome again to my BLOG..
Long looong loong time no see.. hohoho.. ^^
For many reason i didn't wrote my blog.. *but it's not important*


Wanna tell you about :
1. I'm a student of University.. LOL
2. XXX
3. I miss my Blog *both blogger and ameblo so much*
4. I Need Shopping NOW!! *stress*
5. My skin become darker because of holiday at Bali, than OMB, makrab, "swimming" LOL, drumblek.
6. I miss my friends so much.. Miss you Lia, Fesi, Billy, and Chepi.. wanna spent our time together again
7. I think it's enough

wanna tell you about Ruka..
I don't know how.. but Ruka find a way out of her cage.. but flick and lena can't do that..
so.. for may times she run from her cage and come to my room..
Cute Ruka.. uuu.. I Love HER SO MUCH...



Sabtu, 14 Agustus 2010


こんばんは ヾ(@°▽°@)ノ
Come back again~.. yaap~~

Berta's here.. haha..
Today Activity
1. Wake up..
2. Chemistry tutoring..
3. Chat..
4. Watching
5. Go to salon..
6. Eat at outside my home..

That's My Activity for Today..~

This morning.. I have Chemistry tutoring.. So, i must wake up in the morning.. Not evening.. にひひ
I think i was late.. because it's so bright.. haha..
than.. i check my clock.. it still 8 A.M hahaha..
so.. i just stay at my bed.. ドキドキ
and... do take a shower.. and go to Fesi home..
and thaaan..
what next? (-^□^-)

o ya.. i've watched "How to train your dragon" this evening..
i think it's great movie.. haha.. I like the story.. 得意げ

ヽ(゚◇゚ )ノ.. NEXT..
i go to salon... haha..
Manicure.. Pedicure.. and than.. Hair Mask..
My hair smells so goodビックリマークビックリマーク ラブラブ!

O ya I want Neo crispy macaroni this morning..
and this afternoon.. I ate that... haha *mission accomplished* チョキ v(^-^)v

What again..
just that...

Nothing really" special for today..
and thaan..

ビックリマークビックリマーク パンチ!

Kamis, 12 Agustus 2010

welcome back to my blog


"kalo di blog yang ini pake bahasa indonesia aja kali ya.."

Lebih suka pake ameblo sebenernya..
lebih ga ribet...

Btw.. ngomongin soal apa ya..
O ia.. lagi au ganti tampilan blog ini si.. tapi bingung pake warna apa ya..
kan dulu pengennya pink.. sekarang kok lebih "PW" item ya.. haha..
lebih enak aja d baca..
pa ganti iteeeem? *

gara" mode baru... ga bis kasi gambar yang pas juga..
kayaknya... pengen buat tampilan kaya ameba aja si..
tp apa ga copy style ya?
BOLE EMAANG? (* ̄Oノ ̄*)

Kalo mau upload macem"..
foto dsb .. ga enak pake ini~..
emang ameblo is the best.. sayangnya pake bahasa jepang.. jadi agak ga ngerti gt de...


btw btw.. cerita soal kmrn aja ya..
masi teringang" ni.. wkakkaka..
video clip..
for my birthdaaaay..

kemaren.. capek bangeet.. sampe ni kaki bisa memaaar banyyyaaakk.. bangeeet..
tapi seneng si jujur aja.. kapan bisa ngeulang kejadian gt lagi?
ia kalo jadi artis.. wakkaka.. kayaknya ga da bakaat jadi artis..
jadinya ya gimana donk? cuma ini doank...

uhm~... cuma berharap aja si jadinya baguuus..
soalnya uda bela" in latian bgono... susa bangeeet,, waktu take nya aja., gerakannya ga apal"..
suru senyum" aja.. ga bisaaa.. ooOw... (-""-;)

mau ngomong soal apa lagi ya?
males ni mau upload foto" gituu..

sgini dulu aja ni.. NO UPLOAD PICTURES YA~..
upload di ambelo aja..

Minggu, 31 Januari 2010


I Can Post @ ameba..
Check This..
I'm So Happy.. ;p

Hope all friend will be happy too.. XD

Ooppz... I'm forget to study~

let's go studyyyyyy!!!!
o ya.. looks my wallpaper.. similar with ameba blog